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The Power Formula___By Fumi Babie

The Power Formula Dear Christian, This is the time, when people are supposed to receive Christ; and you are the one, chosen by God, to do this work. It is written in Acts 1:8 that, “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes to you. Then you will be my witnesses to testify about […]

RESOLUTIONS (But for the first 5 days)

RESOLUTIONS (But for the first 5 days) Hear out how I said it, intently and sternly Said I’ll not sleep late this year Said I’ll wake up early – earlier than the early bird None of them I did but for the first 5 days Feel me just the way I did, strongly and firmly […]


MY RESOLUTION It’s Christmas Eve (sigh) Tomorrow’s Christmas And here I sit with my pen and paper Trying to make some resolutions Like stuff I’ll never do again And other new stuff I’d like to try I’m supposed to wait till New Years Eve, I know But hey, tomorrow a baby will be born And […]


A SEASON OF FORGOTTEN BOOKS A time of forgotten books A season we forget how the handouts look A season when we facebook And a reason why we don’t face our books   Hey Students! No more class in session The jingle sounds, the Christmas stars ascending Its stress free, the carols keep descending The […]


I WANT MY TOYS! What’s in the box Placed under that tree? I am looking at the biggest one And by it lay the smaller three.   I wanted to know what I got Before it was wrapped. I searched the entire house But I found nothing  wrapped   Mummy and daddy did well this […]


PAPA’S ORANGE T-SHIRT There are seven days in a week Five for school One for farm and one for church From my five days of school I use half the day for farm And the other half for school And the whole night For helping papa and sharpening the farm tools I have five dresses: […]


THREE EYES OF CHRISTMAS Did you say Christmas? X’mas is the season’s good name For in this season, I multiply my hay And with his birth shall I make fame Ah! Christmas again The time to make empty my sacks. For +’mas is the season’s better name And more presents shall I have To make […]


EVERYDAY   CHRISTMAS When sharing is abundant And caring becomes easy to do With laughter being rampant And giving perhaps a thing or two When affection and appreciation Are seen in hugs and kisses and pats on the back And in togetherness is there a creation Of a bond that is not easily broken And when […]


CHRISTMAS COLOURS … might have thought just as I do at Christmas What these 3 persistent colors tell us Red – The flow of deep red from his head, hands, feet, side The blood He shed to save mankind Potent to purge all sins that misguide Blood he shed to purify – purify the heart […]


TO ALL WHO HAVE EVER FELT LIKE THIS I had to bring my offering, Some little offering Stained as it may be- From a heart that has so longed for You, But has somehow so strayed from You… Hallelujah. The wise men set on their way with gifts of gold, myrrh and frankincense. Your birth […]