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Maybe I’m wrong, you decide

But these people are phony personified

Sorry, No judgment intended

But you’ll be amazed at how long they’ve pretended

But I think we’re all to blame

For how earnestly we’ve tried to take out His Name

From everything that stands for Christmas

Just imagine

What on earth is this I hear about people saying,

Happy holidays, instead of Merry Christmas

Because the “Christ” in the Christmas can make someone else uncomfortable

Don’t even get me started on the “North pole”

Ha! North Pole, “Shmorth” Pole

It soooo did not start in the North Pole,

What a load of tosh!!

The bible says it was in a manger

How Santa has conveniently replaced the Lord Jesus Christ as the reason for the season

Now that’s just sad

It’s as disturbing as it’s amazing

But just a tad confusing

How desperately we’ve tried

To take away the real meaning of Christmas tide

Maybe I’m wrong – you decide

But I think we should keep the Christ in Christmas.

–          Rachael Cudjoe

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