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  WORDS FOR TOMORROW   Tomorrow will be a better day   The sun will shine and stop the rain   But seeing today, tomorrow looks like pain   So we treat our own hope with disdain   Today is terrible, yesterday was much worse   But still be merry in heart and hope for […]

NIGHT BEAUTY ___ By Jan Phillips

The stars in your eyes Are like the stars in the sky When you are a child of God There’s beauty in the night That you may never see Because you look with daylight eyes If the opportunity ever comes for you to really see The Heaven as I’ve seen it with my nighttime eyes […]


1st of June was the date, and 17:00GMT was the time. Lunch was delayed for a reason or two. I grew very hungry and realized that the usual things that had always been around me instigated anger inside me. The noise the kids made, the little dirt on the kitchen floor, and even the smiles […]

Interview with Fumi

Tamsey David: Hello to you and I mean you – the very person reading this. My name is David Tamsey and here I am with a young and promising lady by name Olufunmilola Serwa Babalola (goes with the pen-name, Fumi Babie). Today marks a memorable day for Fumi as she takes a step into another […]

Happy Birthday to Maame Ofosua (A SASA artist)

Tamsey David: Good day to all of you SASA fans out there, especially those of you on Facebook. My name is David Tamsey, and today is a day I consider blessed and memorable in the life of SASA because a SASA artist was born this day in history. Her name is Emma  Ofosua Donkor but […]

THE 20th BOOK OF THE BIBLE___By Ruth Boateng

THE 20th BOOK OF THE BIBLE___By Ruth Boateng

THE 20th BOOK OF THE BIBLE___By Ruth Boateng The twentieth book rating orderly from the Bible’s books of old contains words of deep truth, life, knowledge and wisdom, well told…. It states quite plainly with no words mincing… wise teachings that give life meaning… it gives the biblical definition of common sense and God’s idea […]