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ADDICTION ___ by Irene Coker

It started as something so innocent, Something I didn’t think about much. I did it only once a day, just so I could say yes I did it. I wanted to be seen as cool, in tune with things, going with the flow Little did I know what I had set myself up for, Little […]

THE BITTER PILL ___ by Akwele Patricia ___17.12.11

THE BITTER PILL___by Akwele Patricia___17•12•11 I need to fall to rise. I’m young, and for what it’s worth, experience will play an amazing role in the long run. People experience life in a quite expected way, but agree with me that most experiences, for lessons to be well learnt and sink in so deep into […]


HE LOVES ME I don’t know about you but I’m the beloved of the Most High God In spite of His royalty and thousands at His bidding speed, He makes time for me whenever I call He doesn’t care if He is in a crucial meeting with millions of heavenly hosts He makes time for […]