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The Apex Moment

Originally posted on Silver Poetry:
Apex a sharp and slippery slope and I AM grappling with air, competing with no beast for the elusive spark pleading with invisible for succour a nipple will do, a godly one oh lay my rushes across the soft help me to my sinking through rest my heavy boulder deep…


It is the part of nature I can hardly control. I can choose when to eat, when to drink, when to play, when to sleep, but I cannot REALLY choose when to wake up. Don’t get me wrong. We set alarms everyday just so we can wake up at a particular time. But it is […]


Many, many sleepless nightsI often wonder how uncomfortable the experienceOf bearing a child on the insideThe vomiting, the baby kicking and all the nuisanceThe burden of carrying another being in your wombAnd being easily noticed immediately you step into a roomWhen your feet and face are swollenAnd it’s obvious that you are bloating Yet you […]