1. To make positive impact through creative works with reliance on the Holy Spirit.
  2. To create a platform for artists to enhance their talent
  3. Inspiring our audience to develop a passion for the arts we present and help them realize there is a level of art in every person.



  1. The infinitude of creativity
    Taking the lead from our heavenly Father who creatively brought the word into existence and ceases not to be creative by making every day unique and every new baby idiosyncratic, we challenge ourselves to constantly bring up new works. If you ever make it to a SASA program
  2. Positive Impact
    The world is flooded with problems and we are not ready to increase them. We hope to shine as God’s light in this world and bring solutions such as salvation, inspiration, motivation, knowledge, wisdom, etc.
  3. …be heard! – 
    Why should creative works that have the potential to bless lives remain in drawers, boxes, bags, and being  read by only the writer, friends, and family or even in some cases, for the writer’s eyes only, when these works can be publicised through different media to enhance the lives of others.
    SASA seeks to give a platform to those who have a voice that brings hope and draws us closer to God.
    We believe that literature and music can be sued for three basic purposes
    A. Spiritual edification
    B. Education
    C. Entertainment

And thus, we have coined the term “Speedutainment” to serve as a word that clearly             contains these three achievable goals.
NB: Our entertainment is birthed from the joy we share in Christ.

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