I speak to the patient who intends to take his last breath. And I speak to those who think theyve exhausted their last help. I speak to the baker who just baked her last bread. As she prepares to sell to the man on the street who just has his last cent. I speak to […]

The Apex Moment

Originally posted on Silver Poetry:
Apex a sharp and slippery slope and I AM grappling with air, competing with no beast for the elusive spark pleading with invisible for succour a nipple will do, a godly one oh lay my rushes across the soft help me to my sinking through rest my heavy boulder deep…


Many, many sleepless nightsI often wonder how uncomfortable the experienceOf bearing a child on the insideThe vomiting, the baby kicking and all the nuisanceThe burden of carrying another being in your wombAnd being easily noticed immediately you step into a roomWhen your feet and face are swollenAnd it’s obvious that you are bloating Yet you […]


I now know why God said we should be our brother’s keeper Because a brother or a sister is, to you, a treasure What I couldn’t tell mom and dad, I placed on your shoulder That love that exists between us surely keeps us together And the trust we share make us depend on each […]

THE BEAUTY OF LIFE ___ by FaFa Leena

THE BEAUTY OF LIFE ___ by FaFa Leena ———————— How beautiful life can be The beauty of life is not found in its happiness But the various virtues it teaches us How wonderful to learn from a still life’s virtues of great importance The varieties in life, like sorrow and joy, light and darkness, brightness […]


INVISIBLE WORKER She goes down till her knees kiss the floor She stretches high till her ribs begin to speak She may not be you; but she is someone too The pay at the end of the day keeps her going Sometimes the joy of giving lasts like the morning Most times the pain of […]



THE SANDS OF TIME The sands of time remain. Constantly evolving, they look like a constant You wake up everyday knowing Time will surely bring that day To an end. You live life everyday knowing Time will surely bring your life To an end. If you desire to make meaning Out of your share of […]



STAND OUT No two words could better slap today’s Christian in the face. When sin knocks at the innermost desires of your flesh do you stand? When the world sinks in morality and purity and sanity, do you stand? Your perception of the things of God is depreciating You are referred to as a counterfeit […]

ADDICTION ___ by Irene Coker

It started as something so innocent, Something I didn’t think about much. I did it only once a day, just so I could say yes I did it. I wanted to be seen as cool, in tune with things, going with the flow Little did I know what I had set myself up for, Little […]


  WORDS FOR TOMORROW   Tomorrow will be a better day   The sun will shine and stop the rain   But seeing today, tomorrow looks like pain   So we treat our own hope with disdain   Today is terrible, yesterday was much worse   But still be merry in heart and hope for […]