Happy Birthday Khalid

This is Khalid, a great poet and programmer.  He has thrilled so many with  his poems and rap songs. He goes by the name THE LAST POET (whatever that means) Today is his day, so let’s celebrate  with him For  more on Khalid, visit his Facebook page KHALID LIMANN !!!!!!!!!!***HAPPY BIRTHDAY KHALID***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A farmer walks into his garden to find weeds growing in there. The first thing that comes into mind is to weed around his garden. You see water with some strange particles in it, first thing that comes to your mind, is to filter the water, or throw it away and get a fresher one. […]

I never walk alone

Originally posted on Oliver Shares:
  He came on earth and dwelt among flesh Living with those His hands had made He stooped so low as a servant So all could get access to the light of heaven He formed a formidable team So that that lost soul, no matter how far, can be redeemed…

There is a better way to spell IMPOSSIBLE


They said nothing good will come out of you… They defined your destiny even before you knew the meaning of destiny Your mama never believed in you The kids at school never wanted to play with you Your papa abused you You were forced to do stuff you feel ashamed and sick to talk of […]



SASA offers you an opportunity to write a poem or short note for your mother this Mother’s Day – 13th May, 2012


INVISIBLE WORKER She goes down till her knees kiss the floor She stretches high till her ribs begin to speak She may not be you; but she is someone too The pay at the end of the day keeps her going Sometimes the joy of giving lasts like the morning Most times the pain of […]

Footprints in the sands of time are not made by sitting down. One must move to make a Footprint. MAKE THAT MOVE! but please let it be God directed.


OUTSTANDING ___By FlamesOfHumility

OUTSTANDING Am I odd in the way I think? Or different in the way I talk? Deciding to stay when everyone’s moving? Or moving when everyone’s staying? Don’t want to be out for man But stand out for Christ. FlamesofHumility